Semi Permanent Make Up: Kiss with confidence!

Semi Permanent Make Up: Kiss with confidence with Exclusive Beauty’s Semi Permanent Make Up – Lip Colour!

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So, how many of you ladies like to kiss your men? Kids? Relatives? Let’s face it, we all partake in the ritual of kissing, be it a little peck hello or a big passionate kiss with that special person in our lives.

I was chatting to a recent client of mine who had booked to have her full lip and lipline tattooed using semi permanent make up.  As we went through the process she seemed deliriously happy about something, when the treatment was complete I found out the reason for this:  She was soon to be married to the love of her life and was very excited about it as she had been thinking all the way through her treatment how great it will now be that she can kiss her man without worrying about doing him any damage!?

As I looked puzzled about this statement she explained that her and her man loved to kiss but she was always concerned that her lipstick may damage his health as many cosmetic lipsticks contain lead which has been proven to be dangerous to the wearer and to anyone who may come into contact with it.  With this I did recall a big scare about this in the UK some time ago and yes it was true many lipsticks (even very costly ones) contain lead and other harmful products.

My client was thrilled that now she can kiss away as much as she liked without that worry and with a huge added bonus of the lipstick never smudging and it always looking perfect.

The benefits of semi permanent make up are immense, especially in the Middle East with hot, sticky temperatures for a good part of the year.

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